How do I order a custom badge?

Contact us with your design and we will build to your specifications or we can submit artwork for your approval.

Can I order an insignia just like another band’s but with our name?

Sorry all designs are proprietary. Once a band has settled on a design they have sole ownership and control of it. We can however, supply a modified design for your approval.

Can I order another band’s cap badge?

Again, sorry, the band owns the design and we will supply it only to the band member who is authorized to purchase it.

Are your insignia made of pewter?

No, all of our kilt pins, plaid brooches and cap badges are made from brass or bronze, which we have found to be much more durable. They are then plated 24K gold, nickel or silver oxide (an antiqued finish like pewter in appearance). We can also provide insignia in sterling silver upon request.

Are your insignia stamped or cast?

Both. We supply some insignia as castings and some as stamped parts. Additionally some consist of stamped parts with applied castings.

Have another question? Please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!